I remember the days when setting up a website was seen as something that had to been done because everyone else was doing it. This view was common especially in the B2B-field. Today it’s of course different. I found an article that describes this focal point for your B2B-marketing quite well:

“All roads lead to your website.

Though you may pursue a long list of online marketing tactics and explore myriad channels, ultimately you aim to pull prospects to your home on the Web.
And that’s no small challenge. Over 1 billion websites exist today. Roughly 25% are active websites, so 250 million or more sites are fighting for attention. However, through your efforts, visitors will find their way to way to your website. Then what?

You need to ensure your website not only communicates your brand effectively and distinctively, but also serves as your round-the-clock sales force. Your website must be your company’s most powerful marketing tool. The websites that work are the ones that cause visitors to engage in a shortlist of actions and generate specified outcomes. What’s more, websites that work afford the company insights that enable marketers to continually improve on results.”

See more: https://www.marketingprofs.com