Intemarco is mainly involved in building optimum marketing and sales processes, but it’s impossible to resist mentioning one example of an activity to help warm up Prospects, namely traditional direct mail campaigns. Almost everyone in business complain about far too many e-mails in their in-boxes. For a marketeer this is an obvious challenge with a big risk of not getting through with their message. Adding a traditional direct mail piece, sent by post, is now, despite increased digitalization, gaining ground again to find a way around overfull e-mail boxes.

Research actually shows that response rates may increase with 35% by using both e-mail and direct mail. Some of the advantages with direct mail are that people tend to spend more time with physical advertising than digital, they have a stronger emotional response to physical ads and remember them better, and QR-codes can be used to link your direct mail piece to your digital campaigns. Also, direct mail comes in a variety of sizes and formats that can be used to attract attention.

So why not try combining your next e-mail campaign with postal direct mail? Don’t forget the 40/40/20 Rule: 40% of a mailer’s success will come from the list (targeting the right prospects at the right time); 40% from the offer (compelling and relevant offers are the best); and 20% from the creative (the copy and artwork must be attention-getting and motivating)!

Peter Tomczak, May 10, 2018. (Source: