Extensive focus from Intemarco’s side is now on the continued launch of Harju Elekter in Sweden. As mentioned earlier, this group focuses on electrical distribution equipment and solutions. They took over the well-known Swedish businesses SEBAB and Grytek three years ago. These brands are now being transitioned into Harju Elekter.

The launch program includes a completely new web presence where Phase 1 was lunched earlier, and Phase two, with an English version and more extensive Project Examples and Product Information will be launched later in October. Added to this is a PR and banner advertising campaign, backed by new sales tools for the expanding sales force in Sweden. Ongoing news releases on the websites, offered also via subscription, plus active SEO-work will also help to introduce the new brand. An extensive video will be produced during spring 2021 to back up Harju Elekters participation at Elfack in Gothenburg in May next year.