Intemarco’s involvement with Harju Elekter is now extensive. The actual rebranding exercise of SEBAB and Grytek into Harju Elekter in Sweden is now more or less complete. The focus for 2021 will be on building the brand and promoting the offerings under each different Business Area.

The insight into the importance of branding is now expanding into the rest of the Harju Elekter Group. Intemarco’s Peter T. shared some theory and experiences via Teams on branding, plus suggestions for going forward, with Harju Elekter’s top managers and country managers on December 18. The consensus was that thorough branding is necessary and that all aspects count, especially employee involvement.

“I now wish my clients and partners a Peaceful Christmas and a Healthy New Year. I’m looking forward to a normal world. Just like everyone else. Let’s hope we get that soon”, says Peter.