Sales Productivity with Better Marketing

The Marketing & Sales Audit

To help our clients achieve Better Marketing, we perform a Marketing & Sales Audit, comprising all or some of the following dimensions:

1) The Brand Strategy and Branding Efforts
2) Clarity of the Product & Services Portfolio
3) Communications Efforts, both brand and product oriented
4) Sales Strategy

All these affect sales efficiency and effectiveness. To ensure a company’s overall success, many other dimensions count as well, including R&D, purchasing, production, finance and more.

Although not included in our main project scope, we often get involved in these anyway, depending on the results from the Marketing Audit and related activities.

From one of our clients:

Marketing enhancement led to the following definition of marketing:

Marketing at [company name] means creating awareness of the company and its offering among channel partners, prospects and customers. It also means creating positive perceptions, trust, and a desire to do business with [company name]. In addition, marketing communications means driving traffic to Sales and creation of powerful sales tools to help Sales reps make professional presentations.

The Goal: Greater efficiency and effectiveness in Sales

The goal will be achieved by avoiding cold calls and by speeding up decision-making by prospects and existing customers. This in turn depends on awareness, perceptions, and confidence in [company name] and our people.

So what’s our Gameplan?