Sales Productivity with Better Marketing

With effective marketing to pave the way, your sales people can avoid this response…

An exaggeration, but it highlights a company’s need for better marketing to pave the way for successful sales.

The message addresses both brand and product portfolio aspects, as well as the fact that a cold call is time consuming and seldom productive.

So what do you suggest?

Firstly, it’s important that you believe sales productivity actually can be increased, i.e., that time spent to close deals can be reduced, and that margins can be increased by greater sales efficiency and effectiveness.

If you believe this, the question is: How do we increase efficiency and effectiveness in sales? Our answer: Establish an enhanced, seamless Marketing and Sales process. Or, even simpler, do Better Marketing.


Here’s where we at Intemarco come in

Together, we can help your sales people by building the brand, clearly defining the product & service portfolio and USPs, driving traffic, and providing sales tools for speedy closing.