Sales Productivity with Better Marketing

Could better marketing increase your sales?

At Intemarco we offer insights into how multinational industrial corporations can meet the challenges involved in marketing and selling their products and services globally.

Long experience has convinced me that Marketing and Sales need to be seamlessly linked and that optimizing Marketing leads to greater sales.

My own definition of Marketing, below, serves as an effective platform for the services we offer at Intemarco.

Marketing is the process of building brand preference, defining an optimum offering, and communicating brand values and reasons to buy through various channels, including the sales force.

Intemarco offers you a Marketing & Sales Audit to determine what your organization needs to do to strengthen your branding, portfolio, and communications for profitable growth. We explain our approach in the following, starting with “Marketing paves the way…”. If you like, you can do your own quick Audit to begin with!

Peter Tomczak Founder and Marketing Developer

Peter Tomczak,
Founder and Marketing Developer

Marketing paves
the way

The Sales process should start in the form of marketing long before your salesman calls.

What will
Intemarco do?

We start with a comprehensive Marketing & Sales Audit to assess your current situation.

Our model

We review, analyze, make recommendations, and coach your staff for Better Marketing.


Intemarco’s client portfolio includes primarily international manufacturing corporations.