Sales Productivity with Better Marketing


Want to boost Sales?

Tell your salespeople to run faster

Not exactly the solution that we at Intemarco would suggest! The way to boost sales is through Better Marketing… and this doesn’t just mean creating a couple of brochures that end up somewhere on your website and some posts on LinkedIn.

NO, it means considering the brand promise, the products and services offered, communication to drive sales, and useful sales tools to back the Sales Team for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Did you know that buyers are well into their buying process when they are ready for a sales meeting? Recent research from 6sense, presented by MarketingProfs and others, reveals that 70% of the buying process has been completed before the buyer gets in touch with a potential seller. That then suggests you should be communicating actively with potential buyers to ensure they are warmed up well before your sales rep turns up. We elaborated on these findings and created a simple model for Better Marketing:

During the initial buying process, the sales opportunity gradually strengthens as buyers learn more. At this stage you should aim for mind share and encourage buyers to learn more about your company and offering.

The willingness to get in touch and the desire to deal with you depends on how well your brand is known, if it’s known for the right things, and accepted. Your products and how they contribute to solving the potential buyer’s needs and wants must also be crystal clear.

Now you probably think – “What’s new, obviously I know all this!”


But, there is one detail… How well are you actually doing? Intemarco will help review and then enhance branding and communications. Plus, dimensions such as the product portfolio, processes, and organizational aspects that affect the outcome of your communication efforts.

Read more about our methodology here. If you need some arguments to motivate others to develop branding and marketing, look here first. Then, get in touch with us to get an experienced facilitator to help Boost your Marketing to Boost Sales.

Our Mission:
Boost Marketing to Boost Sales

At Intemarco we believe that quite a few industrial companies need to strengthen their marketing efforts in order to stay competitive.

We contribute by assisting clients in enhancing branding and communication programs to achieve increased sales efficiency and effectiveness.

To secure success, our assignments often include measures to integrate marketing and sales, address product portfolio issues, and define processes.

How you benefit from working with Intemarco?

You have access to an unbiased second opinion, creativity, and a network of partners, plus experience from more than 30 international corporations. All-in-all, a total focus on Boosting your Marketing.

Three important questions to answer before going for Better Marketing

1. How does the process to drive traffic to Sales look today? Can it be further developed?

2. Could interaction between Marketing and Sales be improved?

3. Do Sales have Sales Tools that contribute to efficient and effective sales presentations?

Intemarco’s role is to ensure that a strong brand platform and a clear product portfolio are in place, together with solid communication programs, with a focus on Digital Marketing. A key aspect for success is to secure seamless integration of Marketing and Sales efforts.

Contact Intemarco for a more detailed presentation of our way of working and an initial discussion on how to Boost Marketing to Boost Sales.