Our Process

At Intemarco, we know there is extensive untapped development potential within most industrial corporations just waiting to be unleashed. We know it from our extensive industrial experience that has built considerable insight. Based on this, we have developed a proven methodology to strengthen branding, marketing, and sales by effectively harvesting ideas and turning them into broad-based actions.

The dimensions we look at include all those relevant to industrial marketing, with the purpose of identifying development opportunities:


Segmentation &
Target Groups

Buying Process


Market Position

Awareness, Preference, Perceptions

Sales Channels

Sales Organization

Sales Training

Sales Tools

Support Structure
(Configurators, Quotes)

Marketing Organization

Product Management

Communication &
Content Management

CRM & Other Platforms

External Support (Agencies, Advisors)

Customer Insights

Loyalty Management

Brand Promise &
Visual Identity

Overall Organization

Roles &

Planning Process & Format

Goals, Targets, KPIs

Follow Up

There are four typical phases in an Intemarco development project:
  1. Initial discussion about areas of weakness, which we like to turn into development opportunities, to agree key dimensions, scope, and time frame.
  2. Conduct a series of interviews, an ‘audit’ if you like, to better understand the organization and internal ‘mood’ – and to identify additional problem areas and further details.
  3. Present recommendations and start up discussions in relevant forums, often run as workshops, with selected people from your organization that are expected to develop an action list for change based on the research findings.
  4. Actions are then assigned to individuals or teams, where Intemarco can help coach the team leader and team members. We can also recommend additional project-specific external experts to bring in, depending on the issues that need to be resolved, should such resources be needed.