Sales Productivity with Better Marketing


Implementing Better Marketing

After successfully completing many international assignments for industrial corporations, we believe it’s nearly impossible to apply a standardized process when developing marketing further. We work with more or less the same jigsaw puzzle pieces but laying them out in a constructive way depends on the market, the offering and the internal company culture. In the light of this reality, we have an approach we feel works well.

The Scope

We begin by defining the Scope. This includes a series of interviews, desk research, and a discussion with our client that will end with formalizing the way forward, which can be either both or one or the other of the following programs:

  • Branding and Communications Enhancement
  • 24/7 Communications

Branding and Communications Enhancement

First, we conduct a Review. To be able to either develop a new strategy or help enhance your existing one, we normally conduct a series of Input Sessions to determine where your organization stands today in marketing related dimensions affecting sales success.

It is crucial to note that the recommendations from us are the starting point in developing Better Marketing together with your people. The goal is to form consensus around actions that will lay the foundation for efficient and effective marketing that will, in turn, lead to greater sales productivity.

The Review focuses on obtaining status for the key dimensions in our Model:

During the Review, we also collect input for the next step, the Marketing Infrastructure. See details on the Review in the box to the right.

Then it’s time for Setting the Directions Together with relevant representatives from your organization, we will either develop a new Marketing Communications Strategy or help to enhance an existing strategy.

In either case, the strategy must cover brand building, communication programs, and sales tools, as well as marketing and sales integration aspects. It could be brand oriented or product oriented or a combination, depending on your brand’s place in the market.

Key questions to be addressed on a high level:

  1. Who do we want to talk to?
  2. What are we offering?
  3. What information do they need?
  4. Why choose us?
  5. Which communication channels will we use?
  6. What materials and tools are needed?
  7. What is the process for Marketing and Sales Interaction

In conjunction with the Strategy development it might b that we go deeper into Brand Platform and Visual Identity related issues and/or defining the product portfolio better.

Finally, a solid Marketing Infrastructure is needed to support execution of the Marketing Communications Strategy.

We help develop a plan to enhance the Infrastructure, which may include defining and documenting new processes, organizational development, training and change. It could entail upgrading the CRM system, installing a proper content management database, expanding your Intranet, installing a Marketing Automation System and better use of tools such as Google Analytics. Other aspects may be the process for how to involve Sales in campaign planning, implementation, and the most optimal interaction model for prospects and customers.

Getting the Job Done – Actual Program Development and Execution. With your Marketing Communications Strategy, organization, systems, and processes in place, you should be ready for the actual brand building and communications work. At this point Intemarco either leaves continued work with your Team, or takes on a supervisory and coaching role. We may also support by making a temporary project manager available to you and your Team. It could mean moving on to a 24/7 Communications Program.

24/7 Communications

“24/7 Communications” is a digital approach to brand building and communications. It is relevant both for ongoing brand programs as well as more campaign-oriented communication.

You use relevant digital channels such as social media, e-mail and search engines to build up a process of automated activities. These communicate with the customer with targeted and relevant content in all stages of the customer journey, from need identification to purchase and ambassadorship.

Here is an idea of a 24/7 Communications Program set-up, where the process is integrated with Sales.

The Marketing & Sales Review

The details of a potential Marketing & Sales Review will be determined from case to case, but to get a feeling for your business and be able to suggest enhancements, we cover these dimensions:

1) General Company information
We obtain insight into the Vison and Mission, Strategies, and the overall organization just to obtain a starting point and get the bigger picture

2) Branding
Ongoing activities and programs are reviewed, any awareness studies, Brand Manuals and VI, etc.

3) The Offering and Product Management
The role of product managers, promotions and launches, together with the clarity of offerings and whether clear FABs and USP exist,
are reviewed.

4) Communication
Your current programs are reviewed in detail, as well as the overall use of different channels, clarity in messaging, etc.

5) Sales
The sales organization, planning, and sales tools are reviewed.

6) Support Systems and Digital Insights
The presence and use of various support systems, such as Content Management Systems, CRM and Marketing Automation are reviewed. At this stage your Digital Marketing readiness is also looked at. This includes web admin and analysis work, automation systems, and skill aspects.

Contact Intemarco for a further presentation of our way of working and an initial discussion on how to Boost Marketing to Boost Sales.